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You Gotta Wear Goggles

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Can I tell you how much I love listening to my little ham sing songs? It's seems to be his latest habit. Sometimes I am not sure what song or rhyme he's trying to sing but you can tell it's something he's heard over and over, probably at daycare. When I inquired about it this morning, I was told he's been learning some Christmas carols. So when I starting singing "Jingle Bells" and "Must be Santa", he started humming and chiming in with a few words here and there. This is in addition to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" which he can't seem to get enough of this week.

And listen to this: I changed his diaper and dressed him in his pyjamas tonight before putting him down for the night. I left him in his crib while I ran downstairs to grab him a bottle and when I returned, he kind of grabbed at his diaper in between his legs and made a sort of "pfft" sound. I was so excited thinking he was signaling to me that he had made a pooh. Now, though he didn't do that exactly, he did pee and that's enough for me to jump up and down. It's seems that I can start the initial potty training. I guess I should pull out the Potty Training DVD I got in the mail last week, which was a complimentary gift I signed up for with Huggies. I haven't seen it yet but for those who are interested, you can order (from limited copies) on their Pull-Ups site. I'm hoping potty training will be a little less messy than it was with my first.

Anyway, my daughter is staying with her nonna tonight. She's had a fever and will need to miss another day of school. It's nice knowing she's keeping my mother-in-law company, especially since she misses her husband dearly. But I'll miss my little girl oh, so much tonight. I'm also hoping her fever will finally break. She's had so many coughs and colds already this year. She deserves a break!

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