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Happy Due Date?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today is my estimated date of delivery. And nothing exciting has happened. So I sit and I wait. I was so certain I would have this baby early. Now, I must play the waiting game. As the clock ticks away, I am alternating between sitting on the sofa, keeping Madeleine entertained and doing household chores. Surprisingly enough, I do not feel nearly as exhausted and lethargic as I did at the beginning of the week. Perhaps the anticipation of baby's arrival has given me a boost of energy.

On Thursday, I felt energetic enough to stop by my office while Madeleine was in preschool, and packed up some more of my belongings. I had the caretaker load my minivan with the boxes I had already packed so I feel better about clearing up some space for my replacement. I also waddled in to a couple of my classes to say hello and was pleasantly greeted with hugs, waves and smiling faces. It's funny that a lot of my students are anticipating that I'll be going back to work shortly after the baby is born. Little do they know I am contemplating taking two years off! The thought of going back to work with children so young is not so appealing to me at the moment. If I wait two years, Madeleine will already be in school full-time so I would feel better about going back to work at that point.

But that's way down the road. Right now, I would like to focus on the present and enjoy the cappuccino that my DH so kindly made for me while my daughter sits quietly eating her mango. I should consider myself lucky to enjoy the peace of mind I am feeling at this moment.

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  1. Happy due date! Thinking about you and glad to hear that you are feeling more energized!

  2. Glad you can enjoy this limbo period - my advice is to get plenty of rest and loads of cuddles with Madeleine!

  3. I'm assuming that the baby is here. I'm looking forward to an update!


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